What Makes A Home Historical

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Buying a historical home is a dream for many people. Those who are history buffs, love the vintage charm, or want something unique. But purchasing a historical home can be quite the feat. From deeming it truly historic, is the property structurally sound, or has restorations been completed accurately. There are a lot of things to determine before purchasing a historic home. Most importantly, what determines whether a home is historical or not depends on The National Register of Historic Places. Each home has certain criteria that need to be met before deeming the home historic. According to the nps.gov website, here are some criteria which must be met:

  • Is the home linked to significant events in history; for example was the home used in the civil war or home part of a major event.
  • Is the home associated with a significant historical figure; for example was this home of a president, a prominent figure of that period, etc.
  • Was the home constructed with distinctive characteristics of that time period, type or method of building during that era. For example, balloon frame home which was popular during civil war era.
  • Is the home constructed of information important to history or prehistory; For example homes built with material from certain era, such as railroad ties or wooden nails.

What it boils down to deeming a home historic is whether the home was built over fifty years ago, has historical significance, is in the original location, and restoration was made within the legal boundaries. A historical home may not have been known in a popular historical event or have had a president residing in the home. It purely relies on the historical significance of that property. So enjoy finding that historical gem to purchase, you never know what you will discover about your piece of history.   

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