Danville, Virginia A Perfect Place To Find A  Historic Home 

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Virginia is one of the country’s original thirteen colonies. It is no wonder that you see history and historic homes everywhere you look. Virginia is an obvious choice to begin your search for that perfect historic home for sale. You may be aware of the charming historic towns of Staunton, Smithfield, Lexington and Chincoteague and may think about focusing your search there; however you would be remiss if you did not take a good long look at Danville, Virginia.

Why you should consider buying a historic home in Danville Virginia 

The city of Danville has recently been treated to a revitalization program. The city provides guidelines for those purchasing and renovating a historic home in the town and is providing incentive programs to encourage businesses to open in the Historic River District area of town. You may wonder why you should spend your time looking for a beautiful historic home in a lesser known Virginia town rather than one of the already established and beautiful small towns in the state. According to circaoldhouses.com, the city of Danville happens to “boast the finest and most concentrated collection of Victorian and Edwardian architecture in the commonwealth.” Add to that the fact that these beautiful homes may very well have a much smaller price tag than the more established historic towns in the area and you have a win-win situation.

 A little history 

You may be wondering why Danville, which borders North Carolina, should have retained so many of its beautiful Victorian and Edwardian style homes. After the civil war during the reconstruction period much of Virginia was struggling to get back on its feet. However the town of Danville thrived during this time. The big player in the city at that time was the tobacco industry which thrived here due to the nearby Dan River and the Danville/Richmond railroad line which began its run in 1856. The leaders of industry in the area soon began building large beautiful homes along Main street that showed off their wealth and status. The thriving tobacco industry brought other industries into the area namely textile mills which were located along the Dan River. These textile moguls began building their own homes and strived to outdo their neighbor. Thanks to them the area known as the Old West End Historic District or Millionaires Row is a step back in time to a more opulent era with much of the area retaining its Victorian feel. The Danville Historical Society offers guided walking tours of the area or you can “do it yourself” and grab a 16 page booklet provided by the Danville Welcome Center. Though the area is a designated historic district the majority of homes in the area continue to be private residences. 


According to circaoldhouses.com, four years ago 43 historic homes in Danville were up for sale. Many of the home prices were extremely reasonable. Today many of these homes have been restored to their original glory and provide a reason for history buffs and tourists alike to visit Danville. Not content to simply revamp their glorious historic homes, the civic leaders of Danville implemented a revitalization program that would make changes to the historic river district. The plan focuses on creating green spaces, adding benches and landscaping while providing incentives to businesses and restaurants to open up shops in the area. The warehouses that once housed textiles have maintained their historic charm but are now home to small businesses, restaurants and office spaces. The area hosts a variety of events throughout the year making it a perfect area to visit. Although this project is a revitalization project, the brick sidewalks, cobblestone streets and original warehouses remain, maintaining the historic feel of the area and providing a seamless transition from nearby Old West End Historic District. 

In your search for a historic home for sale, look at the well established tried and true historic towns Virginia is famous for but don’t forget to take a look at Danville, a charming town brimming with history and pride. When all is said and done all anyone really wants is a beautiful home that speaks to them that is within their price range. Danville definitely fits the bill. Your hardest decision will be which lovely Victorian will you call home?


What is Danville, Virginia known for?

According to wikipedia the town was known as “The World’s Best Tobacco Market” and was Virginia’s largest market for “bright leaf” tobacco.

What is the cost of living in Danville, VA?

Danville, Virginia is more affordable than the rest of the state of Virginia. Danville is 71.5 out of 100 for cost of living. The cost of groceries in Danville is 92.5 compared to 99.6 in the state, housing is 29.9 compared to Virginia’s 111.8. The city comes in at a median home cost of $71,400 compared to Virginia’s 329,200 median home cost. 

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