The Charm of Historic Homes

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 Walking down the quiet tree lined sidewalk, street lamps twinkle in front of you and gently light your way as you stroll past charming old homes. There is a hush in the air as though time has simply stood still and at any moment you might hear the rattle of a horse drawn carriage. If you have dreamed of evenings like this you should look into buying a historic home. Living in a designated historic district gives you the wonderful opportunity to take a walk through history each time you step out of your front door.

When a home or district is deemed historic and registered as such, a little piece of history is kept alive. While some updates to the interior may be needed, a historic home is full of character and charm. Historic homes often have their original lovely moldings, wainscoting, claw foot tubs and tin ceilings. All of these things add history, elegance and grace to your home.

However beautiful the environs may be, many people are concerned that buying a historic home means overregulation of what they can and cannot do to improve or renovate their home. However in some cases the regulations apply to the facade of the home only. This means that any changes to your home that can be seen from the street must meet with certain guidelines and regulations. If this is the case in your area, you may be able to update the inside of your home and those exterior portions that cannot be seen from the street to suit your needs. So if your historic home has historically accurate tiny rooms, you may be welcome to take down some walls, open up the space and create grande areas for entertaining and living. If the regulations in your area are stricter, don’t worry, you can still make your home more modern as long as you do not take away from the historical features that make your home unique.

Buying a designated historic home may also have some monetary benefits. Especially if you are looking to buy a home in a historic district. Historic homes in historic districts sell faster and increase in value at a higher rate than your standard home. Because you must abide by certain guidelines at least when it comes to the home’s facade, other homes within the district are much less likely to be altered in a manner that could potentially lower your homes’ values. Lastly anyone thinking of buying a historic home may be eligible for financial assistance in the forms of grants, loans and tax breaks.

A historic home is full of history and yours may have a wonderful back story. Check public records and look up information with the historical society to find out some fascinating facts about your new home and the local area. You could even visit the local Senior Facility and find out the titillating gossip about your home’s history. You will have amazing stories about your home to share with friends and family when they visit.

Finding the perfect forever home can be challenging. A historic home provides you with a forever home that is charming and full of history. If you are someone who loves to be a part of a community and get to know your neighbors you are in luck if you live in a historic district. Just like you other homeowners in your neighborhood are looking for a spot to hang their hat for the long haul. Historic homes have a lower owner turnover rate than your average home. It may be all of the work of renovating and updating the home or it may just be that buying and living in a historic home is something that home buyers jump into with both feet. Historic home buyers are looking for a home with character and history. Once they discover and uncover the beauty of their dream home, they are loath to give it up.

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