Keeping History Alive with Interior Design

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  You finally purchased that piece of history that you have been dreaming about and now you’re wondering what to do with it? How do you keep history alive while furnishing the place and decorating the interior. Emphasize the architecture with furniture that can still be modern but keep the character in place. Keep clutter at a minimum, tone down patterns and keep colors simple. Famed magazine, Forbes showcased an article that suggests the following tips:

  1. Respect the homes character with keeping original architecture in place.
  2. Paint interior one color to hide imperfections but preserve and highlight details with fresh coat of paint.
  3. If you have a stained glass window or piece in the house, use white paint to showcase this piece of art.
  4. In-window shades will help showcase vintage trim. Gives historic feel but leaves modern touch.
  5. Boxy or oddly shaped windows leave you scratching your head on what to do? Use drapery to hide these odd windows. Still allows light to come through without having to remove or redesign the architecture.
  6. Use simple furniture that does not take away from the originality! Let the home speak for itself. Using simple or modern furniture gives sense of style but keeps tradition of home at the forefront.
  7. New home have a rectangle or funky space you have no clue what to do with? You can split up oblong spaces with open faced furniture such as benches, bookcases and use area rugs to separate space.

  When designing an interior space of a historic home, focus on the charm and characteristics that drew you into that space in the first place. You can use modern furniture and updates but showcase the history as much as possible. Just because the home is dated does not mean you have to have a dated interior. You can bring history alive into the home but with a 21st Century flare that fits everyone’s taste.

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