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  • History and Beauty

    Spring is here and summer is approaching fast. The blooms are coming out in full force and if nothing else, historical homes are known for their gardens. Take a walk through any historic neighborhood in Virginia and you will see Dogwoods, Cherry Blossoms, and even some old Magnolia Trees. In my opinion, Virginia is one of the most awe-inspiring states because of its mountains, streams, lakes, and ocean front as well as it’s historic areas and modern areas. There is something for everyone in the state and it has more than its share of history. Continue reading

  • History with a View

    Why Historic..?

    Many people dream of owning a historical home with its numerous details and character. It’s easy to love historic neighborhoods and their homes with their old-world charm and offer a certain reserve to homebuyers. There are many positive factors in owning a historic home. Continue reading

  • This Old House

    Homes today are not built the way they used to be

    Older, historic homes can be masterpieces of art, architecture, engineering, and design all in one. Many historic homes dot the landscape of Virginia, and you’ll often distinguish one when you see it. That is part of the appeal of owning one of these monuments to history. Hand carved molding, trims and banisters, elaborate turrets, and one of a kind designs are attractive pieces of historic homes that many people are looking for. Ultimately, that fascination with the exterior look and curb appeal is often what draws us in. Continue reading

  • virginia historic

    Virginia Historic Neighborhoods

    Before moving to Virginia from Seattle, I never thought in a million years I would end up in Central Virginia. But moving here, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Virginia’s historic background is what I noticed first. There is a piece of US history almost everywhere you visit. From Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson; Richmond, states capital; to Colonial Williamsburg. Continue reading

  • Virginia Historic Home

    Virginia Historic Home Restaurants

    Purchasing a Virginia historic home can inspire a million different projects or ideas. You can turn amazing Victorian homes into bed and breakfasts. Cozy cottages into a personal Virginia historic home or how about a plantation into an epic wedding venue? But what about turning a piece of Virginia history into a local eatery or elegant restaurant? Continue reading

  • historic homes for sale

    Historic Estates in Central Virginia

    historic homes for sale

    Historic Homes for Sale

    Owning a historical home in Central Virginia is a dream for many. Being one of the first places European Settlers came to live, Virginia has some of the most beautiful historic homes for sale. Popular historical estates located right in our backyard include, Ash-Lawn Highland, Monticello, Mount Vernon, and Castle Hill to name a few.Β 

    Continue reading

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